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Drug Free Workplace Programs

Having a drug-free workplace program in place is a workplace’s best line of defense against alcohol and drug problems. A drug-free workplace policy forms the foundation for a drug-free workplace program; however, it is not the same as a drug-free workplace program. Rather, it is one of five components. In addition to a policy, a comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance and drug testing.

Nationwide Third Party Administrator

Consortium/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPAs) manage all, or part, of an employer's DOT and Non DOT drug and alcohol testing program, sometimes including maintaining required testing records. They perform tasks as agreed to by the employer to assist in implementing the drug and alcohol testing program and to help keep the employer compliant with the DOT and other Federal and State Drug and Alcohol Testing rules and regulations.

Reasons To Test

  • Pre-employment
  • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause
  • Random
  • Return-to-duty
  • Follow-up
  • Post-accident

Types Of Tests

  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Blood

Drug Testing

Clinic Collections

Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome.

On-Site Collections

Drug Testing Centers of America’s on-site testing services reduce the risk of employee tampering and adulteration of test samples, lowers the risk for offsite employee injury due to travel, and expedites the return of the employee to the workforce thereby reducing the loss of work- time and productivity.

If your company has multiple shifts, it is more convenient to have DTCA come to your place of business to conduct drug testing. Most clinics are not open outside of normal business hours; therefore, our mobile service was designed to accommodate companies that function around the clock.

If one of your staff is involved in an accident on the job or on the road, or if you suspect the use of drugs or alcohol at the workplace, it is critical that you get a qualified technician out to the scene quickly. Our mobile staff can be deployed 24/7/365 for DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing.

Additional fees will apply for immediate, emergency service deployment. Call 888-838-3787 for more information.

Lab-Based Urine Drug Screen

All testing is conducted following standardized procedures established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Instant Urine Drug Screen

Instant testing for drugs of abuse yields rapid, reliable results that can enable faster decision making and greater program efficiency. These tests are interpreted by trained technicians and we have the results in a matter of minutes.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol abuse contributes to four major issues in the work-place:

  • Premature death/fatal accidents
  • Injuries/accident rates
  • Absenteeism/extra sick leave
  • Loss of production

By implementing a program to conduct alcohol testing employers can dramatically assist in reducing the negative impact of alcoholism in the workplace.


The Department of Transportation requires every CDL driver to receive periodic physical examinations conducted by an approved DOT medical examiner. The DOT medical exam looks for certain pre-existing medical conditions that might impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. A medical examiner’s certificate, which is commonly known as a DOT medical card, provides proof the driver has met the medical requirements to hold a CDL.

Hearing Conservation Programs

An effective hearing conservation program can prevent hearing loss and improve employee morale, thereby increasing the quality of production and reducing the incidence of health-related issues.

Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative fit testing can be used to fit test both half-mask and full-face respirators and is conducted by trained technicians.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Spirometry can assist employers in the evaluation of workers demonstrating specific patterns of respiratory impairment and can help to assess the effectiveness of measures implemented to protect individual workers. In addition, results from defined groups of workers can be evaluated in relation to potential workplace hazards. Protecting the health of individual workers is a primary objective of various workplace programs such as this.

Blood Tests

We offer low cost blood tests so that you don't have to pay the outrageous fees that hospitals routinely charge. This is available for employers who must have screenings performed on potential employees, as well as for individuals and their families who must have testing completed as part of their routine medical care. Call DTCA at 888-838-3787 for more information and availability.

Background Checks

We understand that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to background screening needs. Our client services department can help you customize a background check with your budget and industry needs in mind. Besides criminal database searches, we can also provide record checks with county, state, and federal searches to customize a program that meets your individual requirements.

We also provide other commonly requested screening options, such as DMV records, credit reports, and employment and education verification. Call for more information and additional options.


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